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5 massage therapy myths that are misleading about the practice (1)

5 Massage Therapy Myths That Are Misleading About The Practice

The popularity of massage therapy has been on the rise over the years mostly because now more than ever people are keen on taking care of themselves in different ways, massage treatments being one of them. Though some people may be skeptical about trying out this treatment mainly because of certain myths that are normally spread around that happen to be quite convincing. In this article, we will be sharing some of the common massage therapy myths you may have heard of together with the facts.

All massage treatments are the same

There are different kinds of massage treatment and they have their own different benefits. You and your massage therapist will decide which one works best for you. They include Swedish massage which is ideal if you wish to relax and relieve stress, Deep Tissue massage commonly helps with muscle damage that occurred from injuries, Sports massage which works perfectly for athletes to help prevent or treat injuries and also to prepare them for a sporting event, Aromatherapy massage which is also another great option if you are looking to relax and boost your mood and many more. Remember that massage therapy is given by licensed professionals who are trained to find and focus on problematic areas hence all massages can’t be the same. Additionally, different massage therapists specialise in different massage techniques so it’s important for you to identify the right person for your needs.

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You should feel sore after a massage

This is another very common massage therapy myth that we hear around that is far from the truth. It is normal to feel some tenderness and slight soreness the day after a massage especially if you got the Deep Tissue massage treatment due to the fact that more pressure is used as compared to other techniques but that isn’t an indication that a massage worked or didn’t. Though you should note that one should not feel this way every single time you get a massage especially if it isn’t your first time.

Being sore is not the only indication of a good massage. You will also feel relaxed and rejuvenated plus different bodies feel the effect of a massage in different ways. You may feel some sort of discomfort or pain depending on the massage technique but it should not reach to the point where you’re sore or in pain to the point where you can’t leave your bed. That is definitely a bad sign and you should book an appointment with your doctor.

Massage treatments are only done for pampering purposes

As much as massage treatments help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, it has other amazing benefits to your health. Some of these benefits include reducing stress and anxiety levels, helps the body heal from injuries or improve/speed up rehabilitation, helps to reduce migraines and headaches, boosts immunity, it can lower your blood pressure and so on. If you may be experiencing any of these signs and symptoms and are looking for an alternative remedy, you could try out massage treatment as it could be more effective.

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Massage treatment  cannot be done on pregnant women

A massage treatment can be beneficial to both the mother and the baby. Previously it was noted that a massage would release hormones that could trigger early labour but it is now known to be untrue. There are a lot of aches and pains that come with being pregnant from your feet,neck, shoulders to your back that a massage treatment can help manage the pain. Note that before getting a massage you need to inform your doctor first but overall a massage is safe after the first trimester. Make sure to let the person massaging you be it your partner or massage therapist know if something hurts or how much pressure feels good to you.

Due to your pregnancy, you will be positioned and supported differently from someone who isn’t expectant. You should be lying on your side and not on your back or stomach. One could also sit upright as well. Note that you need to be careful when massaging the stomach and the area around it to avoid hurting you and the baby. You can gently rub your stomach with some cream. Be gentle with your legs as well and avoid pressure points such as your wrist or ankle completely until your doctor gives you the green light.

You shouldn’t interrupt your masseuse during a massage session

It is important to address any issues you may have with your massage therapist. If you want more pressure to be applied, say it. If you are uncomfortable,mention it. Remember this session is for your own benefit plus you are spending money for it so everything needs to be up to your standard to get the best of it.

You don’t have to discuss your medical history

Sharing your medical history with your therapist is crucial for various reasons. It’s important for them to know if you have any underlying conditions so that they can tailor your massage treatment  to suit your circumstances. If you have a heart disease, had surgery or you are on any medication, ensure you share that information with them prior. Also, always consult with your doctor if you plan on getting a massage.

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