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About Us


We’re a Traditional Thai Massage & Spa in Toowoomba

Leela Thai Massage Therapy & Spa offers traditional Thai Massage treatments in Toowoomba.

Guests will learn to embrace simple luxuries through our expansive collection of relaxing, professional, traditional thai massage treatments utilizing a wide array of traditional thai techniques and organic products.

Our professional staff and therapists will advise you on the most suitable massage treatment and spa options depending on your current health conditions and requirements.

Whether you are new to traditional thai massage & skin care treatments or a long time wellness spa enthusiast, our treatments are crafted to enhance your senses, sooth your chronic pains, release tension and increase overall well-being.

Nuchanee Reeve CEO Leela Thai Massage & Spa

More About Us

Our Mission

Using traditional thai massage techniques passed down through generations to provide natural healing and muslce therapy for customers in Toowoomba.


Our Philosophy

To be a massage therapy company that attracts, rewards, and retains highly skilled physical therapy staff. Our proactive approach to the development of our staff shows how much we care about people.


Our Vision

To be the best traditional thai massage therapy and spa centre in Toowoomba. Focused on long term success through quality of service and treatments for new and repeat customers.

Leela Thai Massage & Spa is a place where you can retreat into a sanctuary
with healing treatments, soothing sounds and caressing aromas


Why Choose Us

Personal Treatment

You receive a personalised full treatment from one of our professionals to suit your needs

Licensed Therapists

Your service will be performed by licensed therapist with a health background

Experienced Staff

Our massage therapists are trained and certified in traditional thai massage therapy techniques

Regular Promotions

Although we may reduce our costs, we never lower our standards

Practitioners Network

We will work closely
with all your health

Online Booking

Book your massage treatment or spa day directly from your  phone

Natural Products

We only use organic & natural products, not chemical

Reputable Company

We pride ourselves on what our repeat customers have to say