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Massage Equipment Your Massage Business Will Need To Be A Success

Owning your own massage business has been your life long dream and finally you are at a place where you can get things started. You found the perfect location, you have a website for your business, you have the perfect team on board and most importantly you have the finances that will allow you to get things moving. The only thing that is most probably giving you a challenge is finding the best equipment and supplies for your business.

Massage equipment is a necessary and huge investment whether you are practicing from home or have your own establishment plus it can make or break your business. It’s important that you give your clients the best of the best and as much as the practice doesn’t necessarily need a bunch of equipment, there are a few must-haves that will get things going. With that being said, here are some necessary massage equipment you will need to get started with your business.

Massage Table

massage equipment

It goes without saying that this equipment is definitely something that you should have as it’s the one equipment that you need as you cannot practice as a massage therapist without it. Most importantly it should be of good quality. Some of the features you should look for include, it should be foldable for easy transportation if need be, sturdy, durable, lightweight, wooden, height adjustable, has width extension, soft and comfortable upholstery, adjustable face cradle, armrest and so on.

Additionally, you could in both portable or stationary massage beds. This way you can accommodate both home clients and those who would love to visit your physical location. In any business, being flexible is important as you tend to attract different types of clients. Last but not least, ensure the table you get can be cleaned easily. You also have the option of purchasing a massage chair.

Massage chairs come in handy when providing corporate massage or mobile massage. Also during sporting events, you can easily do a quick massage on it. Ensure the chair is sturdy, comfortable and high quality not forgetting lightweight as well. Different clients want different things, so it doesn’t hurt to invest in different massage equipment

Towels, Covers and Pillows

Massage table covers/linens are important elements when it comes to massage as they are crucial for your clients comfort and hygiene purposes. You should always have spare covers so that you can switch them out between each client consultation. Check whether your cover has an elastic trim for a good fit. Also velcro straps prevent the cover from slipping,

As for towels, they are used to cover your clients and wipe off any oil or lotion residue. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in quality towels that are soft and lush. The best material to go for are cotton towels. Lastly for pillows, get something that is comfortable but not too soft as well.

Massage Oil and Lotion

Massage lubricants come in different formats from creams to oils and each have their own benefits. For oils they offer more glide and slip whereas for lotions and cream, they give more friction. When looking for massage oils or lotions, be on the lookout for those that are hydrating and act as emollients. Also go for the ones that have natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and those with as few additives as possible. Always inform your client on the kind of oils and lotions you will be using and what they contain in case they have allergies. Lastly, go for high quality lubricants as they last longer and are non greasy.


Storage such as cupboards will help your massage room look more organized and neat. The last thing you want is your client coming into a room that has towels, oil and lotion bottles lying everywhere. A neat room also contributes to your client feeling relaxed and peaceful. Invest in good quality cupboards that are sturdy and long lasting. You could also add your own touch and stylish finishing on them as well.

Music and Candles

Music, candles,lighting and a beautiful aroma assist with setting the mood and keeping your clients at ease. When selecting music go for slow soothing music or nature sounds which will put your client’s mindset in the right place and ease them into relaxing. For your candles you could either use scented candles filling the room with a pleasant scent or you could opt for the unscented one just to give the massage room some soft light. Choose aromatherapy candles that usually have a long burn time and also go for candles that are non-toxic .

Automated Business Software

Nowadays, running a business without incorporating technology or software that makes everything business related run smoothly is a recipe for disaster and total confusion. Integrating business software will help with booking appointments, sending out notifications and emails, client payments, appointment cancelation and so on. This will be especially helpful if you are on your own and have no office help. This softwares can also be accessed via your mobile phone hence giving you a chance to keep up with your business at all times. 

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