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Foot Head & Neck

A foot, head and neck massage is the perfect remedy to help you relax your joints and muscles and if that’s what you need, then go ahead and treat yourself to one at Leela Thai Massage Therapy & Spa. Our team is made up of qualified and certified practitioners and they are ready to give you one of the best treatments that will have you experiencing that good after feel that comes with having your joints and muscles stretched out. Your massages intensity can be increased or decreased depending on how you want it.

Relaxing Foot, Head And Neck Massage In Toowoomba

Thai Massage of your head and neck is recommended for people who have less active lifestyles such as individuals who work in the same position for hours eg. those in white collar jobs or drivers. Whereas for those individuals who are always on their feet moving from one point to another, a Thai Foot Massage is ideal for them. For this massage, pressure is applied on different points of your body by the masseuse in order to relieve tension that may have been building up overtime.

Last but not least, with this treatment there will be an increase of lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation to the body. Make your appointment today at Leela Thai Massage Therapy & Spa and get all these benefits.

How To Book A Foot, Head And Neck Massage

You can either use our booking systems which allows you to book your appointments online and seamlessly. Alternatively, if you come across any issue while trying to book online, you can go ahead and give the reception a call and they will help you book a suitable appointment for you.

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Treatment Benefits

Relaxes The Muscles
Helps Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries
Reduces Headaches
Improvement of Sleep Quality

Pricing & Rates

Foot, Head and Neck Massage 1 Hr
40 min

Perfect for relieving on of headaches and migraines. Treating of sporting injuries on going

Foot, Head and Neck Massage 1.5 Hrs
60 min

Perfect for preventing or on going treatment of foot and ankle injuries or sporting athletes

Foot, Head and Neck Massage 2 Hrs
60 min

Ideal for those who need extended on going treatment to help reduce tension from muscles and joints near the neck, feed and head. Tailored treatments to suit all conditions.

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