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Neck Shoulders & Back Massage

Your body muscles need to relax and be cared for to perform to the best of their ability. Treat yourself to a neck, shoulders and back massage in Toowoomba at Leela Thai Massage & Spa. The neck, shoulder and back massage treatment focuses on reducing muscle tension, helps you to relax, reduce stress and even chronic pain relief. With our team of certified massage therapists, you will be sure to knead out the knots in your muscles. Through their expertise, your muscles will experience good care and have a good after-feel. Everyone in our team is well qualified to provide the massage using traditional full body thai techniques and thai oils passed down through generations of families. The massage treatment is adjusted to best suit your preferred needs.

Rejuvenating Neck, Shoulders and Back Massage in Toowoomba

Different day-to-day activities like staring down at your cell phone and hours of huddling over your computer can cause muscle discomfort over time. If you find that your muscles are experiencing these pains and discomforts that didnโ€™t exist before, itโ€™s time to make your appointment for a thai neck, shoulders and back relaxation massage with one of our professional massage therapists at Leela Thai Massage and Natural Spa in Toowoomba.

We will be at your service for rejuvenating massage treatment for your neck, shoulders and back. This massage not only focuses on relaxation. Through pressure application on the muscles around the neck and shoulders, muscular tension will reduce, and it eases stress.

How to Book a Thai Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage?

Our booking system is seamless and can be done online from the place of your comfort. Alternatively, if online booking is not your desired booking option, we are available on call. By
giving the reception a call, they can find a suitable appointment that works for you.

Treatment Benefits

Increase Blood Circulation
Ongoing Treatment Options
Improve Mobility and Agility
Improve Overall Health

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