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Chronic Pain Relief

Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Treat yourself to a traditional Thai Deep Tissue Massage in Toowoomba. This treatment focuses on areas of the body that are holding muscle stress or pain. You are in good hands with our expert thai massage therapists. Everyone is completely qualified and certified practioners to provide deep tissue healing through massage techniques passed down through generations of familiies. Depending on the specifics on your Thai Deep Tissue Massage treatment acupuncture points are focused on through the legs, feet, lower back, neck and shoulders. The intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased throughout to suit your needs from light to strong.

Deep Tissue Thai Massage in Toowoomba

If you find that your muscles are suffering from excess tension or tightness, soreness, limited movement or mild pains around bones and joints. Then make an appointment today at Leela Thai Massage and Natural Therapy for a complete full body Thai Deep Tissue Massage in Toowoomba.

Thai Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning the vital functions of your body through chi and pressure points. The aim of a deep tissue massage is to break down stagnent scar tissue, relieve muscle knots and promote blood circulation through problematic areas which will result in easing of pain.

How to Book a Deep Tissue Massage?

Our booking system allows you to book your appointment online quickly and seamlessly. Alternatively if you are struggling to book an apointment online. Just give the reception a call and they can find a suitable apointment that works for you.

Book an appointment with Leela Thai Massage & Spa using Setmore

Treatment Benefits

Deep Muscle Relaxation
Blood Circulation
Chronic Pain Relief
Muscle Rejuvenation

Pricing & Rates

Thai Deep Tissue 1 Hr
60 min

Perfect to increase your blood circulation and target an area holding tension or chronic pain.

Thai Deep Tissue 1.5Hr
90 min

Ideal if you are looking for pain relief and wanting to start treatment to fix muslce pain.

Thai Deep Tissue 2 Hr
120 min

Ideal for those who need extended treatment for intense chronic pain in the neck, lower back and legs.

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