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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Thai Massage Therapist

Getting a Thai Massage treatment in Toowoomba for the first time can be quite an experience and the kind of therapist you book under will highly determine whether the treatment will be worth it or if you would like your money back. Note that for this treatment, you will be stretched and massaged in different positions and your entire body will be twisted and molded by the practitioner. This is why it’s important for you to choose a skilled massage therapist in Toowoomba who knows what they are doing to avoid any serious injuries or discomfort from happening to your body . Also for a first timer, it’s important to choose a shorter session  so as to know whether the treatment is perfect for you. With that being said, here are a few things you should consider before choosing a Thai massage therapist.

Inquire about their education and qualifications

Before booking a session with a Thai massage therapist in Toowoomba, do research on the therapist and find out more about their educational background and qualifications. Some of the questions you can ask your therapist include; what are your qualifications? What is your experience? Are you insured to practice? Where and when did you get your training? Can you give client references? Etc. Asking some of these questions can help you determine whether he/she will be the right fit for you. You could also ask them to show you supporting papers such as their certificates, a badge or something in those lines.

Check whether they are licensed

A licence for a massage therapist is state issued and it allows professionals to practice massage therapy on patients.  A massage therapist license consists of an approved licensing exam that tests individuals on topics such as massage therapy ethics, client assessment and anatomy, kinesiology and physiology. Having a license ensures clients that the massage therapist has met specific requirements as posted by the state regulatory board and the requirements of this licensing varies by state.

Massage therapists can have a national, state or local certification or licensing. Typically, these professionals must complete between 500-1000 hours of training from a board approved massage school and have passed a written exam. Upon completing education, the massage therapist takes their state’s exam to get licensed.

Be keen to check their reputation

Luckily nowadays it’s easy to check for this through social media or google ratings and reviews. This will come in handy especially if you have shortlisted a list Thai Massage practitioners that are around your area. Be on the lookout for what previous clients have said. You can go further and reach out to them and ask them a few questions such as how would they rate the quality of their work and the process, if they would go back again and whether they were professional.

In addition to that, you could get in touch with friends, family or colleagues who have used their services before and ask them for advice or recommendations of the therapists they’ve used before. Most professional companies normally upload some of the reviews from previous clients on their websites or social media pages, so you could also have a look at that as well.

Consider their rates and logistics

Different Thai Massage therapists offer different rates. Consider booking the services of a Thai massage therapist that gives reasonable rates that are within what you had budgeted for. As much as you would want to save your money, this doesn’t mean you should opt for low quality services. It’s very possible to find top notch therapists for a reasonable price. Not to mention, you can also negotiate the prices once you receive their rates but ensure that you yourself aren’t trying to “rob! them so to say. Another thing you could do is compare rates from the different Thai massage therapists you shortlisted and see who is offering the best value. 

When it comes to logistics, ask things like how far in advance does one have to make an appointment? What is the cancellation policy? Does one need to bring anything with them such as clothes or an attire? Do they want to see a prescription from a doctor or physician? The do’s and don’ts of their facility and so on.

Check on their communication skills

It is important for you and your massage therapist to have proper and clear communication so as to ensure you will have a nice massage experience. Good communication is the key to a beautiful relationship so if a therapist is lacking in this, then you may end up not getting along. If the therapist you want to visit has a slow response time and their communication is mostly unclear or inaccurate then you should consider looking for someone else. Also note that your massage therapist must be able to listen to you keenly about any concerns you may have without interrupting and also to respond accordingly.

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