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Electric Cupping Gua Sha Massage

Relieve that nagging, chronic muscle pain, and tightness faster with Electric Cupping
massage. At Leela Thai Massage and Spa we have expert therapists who are certified to provide you with quality electric cupping massage. Cupping is safe and  offers you massive benefits. Your therapist glides cups across your skin gently as they ask you if the pressure and heat are okay with you. Electric cupping massage improves blood circulation over cupped areas, enhances the repair of damaged cells, enables your lymphatic system to drain toxins, relieves anxiety,  improves digestion and breathing.

Gua Sha Electric Cupping In Toowoomba

Electric Gua Sha Cupping is an ancient thai therapy handed down through generations. The technique aims to improve circulation, detoxify and reduce tension from problematic muscles. 

The traditional thai massage techniques used in combination with the Gua Sha elctric cupping machines allows for a difference experience for those who don’t like the traditional cupping therapy methods. Give Leela Thai Massage and Spa a call today for any questions you may have or book online to make an appointment.

How To Book A Foot, Head And Neck Massage

Book an appointment or call us for your electric cupping massage session. Our therapists are certified and trained in effective, safe, and beneficial cupping services. You can choose to get a therapeutic massage with a cupping or cupping-only session.

Treatment Benefits

Relaxes The Muscles
Helps with Recovery
Reduces Headaches
Improvement of Sleep Quality

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