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Whole Body Thai Oil Massage

The complete full body massage for head to toe rejuvenation and relaxation. Alleviate chronic pain, stress and enjoy a theraputic soothing experience at the Leela Thai Massage and Spa. Don’t let sore muscles hold you back from your active lifestyle or work commitments. Your health is extremely important so why not treat yourself when it matters most. The traditional whole body thai oil massage incorporates techniques that have been handed down for centuries.

The whole body thai oil massage uses gentle to firm pressure and stretching techniques where the Thai Masseuse uses her whole body, palms, fingers and elbows focusing on relaxing the entire body helping you distress and loosen up. At Leela Thai Massage Therapy & Spa, the team is exceptionally qualified and are certified practitioners therefore we can guarantee that you will be in good hands. The intensity of the massage can be increased or decreased to your liking.

Relaxing Thai Oil Massage In Toowoomba

The Thai Oil Massage is generally great for anyone who has had a long hard week and they wish to get some pampering. Some of the relaxing oils that can be used during this massage treatment include jasmine, white magnolia, coconut oil, milk oil and spikenard. The exotic aroma of the oils have a calming, antidepressant pain killing effect which helps with insomnia, stress and chronic exhaustion.

Don’t worry about your body feeling grimy or greasy as the oils used will be absorbed completely by the end of the massage. If you live a very active lifestyle and you want to take some time off to relax and care for your skin as well, go ahead and book a session with us for a Whole Body Thai Oil Massage.

How To Book A Whole Body Thai Oil Massage

You can either use our booking systems which allows you to book your appointments online and seamlessly. Alternatively, if you come across any issue while trying to book online, you can go ahead and give the reception a call and they will help you book a suitable appointment for you.

Treatment Benefits

Blood Circulation
Lowers Stress Levels
Pain & Fatigue Relief
Removes Toxins

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