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Chronic Shoulder Pain Relief & Treatment

Thai Shoulders Massage

The shoulders are highly important when it comes to various bones, muscles and tendons that serve different functions in your shoulders movements. If you are someone who is highly active with sports or is constant lifting heavy weights or lifting your hands above your heads you probably have experienced some sort of shoulder pain or tweak before. If you can’t seem to get rid of that upper body backpain then a traditional shoulder massage using thai techniques is worth considering for treatment of any minor shoulder injuries or chronic pain relief.

A traditional thai shoulder massage in Toowoomba would be a necessary and beneficial treatment for you to consider. The shoulder massage treatment uses various techniques that focus on reducing shoulder pain and tightness. Our team at Leela Thai Massage and Natural Spa consists of certified practitioners. Depending on the needs of your shoulder muscles, they can provide the appropriate treatment using their expertise. The massage treatment you receive will be light or strong according to your preference.

Relieving Shoulders Massage in Toowoomba

The shoulders experience a lot of motion in our daily activities. It makes them more prone to
strain. If you experience a lot of stress or tension on your shoulders, it will lead to shoulder pains. Consider making your appointment with us at Leela Thai Massage and Natural Spa, not only to relieve pain but also to prevent shoulder pain.

We will be glad to offer you our massage services. The shoulder massage stimulates blood flow through an increased temperature of the muscles. It helps in pain relief and muscle relaxation.

How to Book a Thai Shoulder Massage?

You can book your appointment today through our quick and seamless online system. Alternatively, if online booking is not your desired booking option, you can make a call to our
reception desk. We can find a suitable appointment that works for you.

Treatment Benefits

Increases Energy & Power
Treat Injuries & Chronic Pain
Decrease Injury Recovery Time
Speed Up Healing

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